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My First Day Sign

On the child’s first day I take a picture of them holding the “My First Day” sign. I use this photo on the child’s Portfolio and as a memory keeper. TIPS Use a plain background – I love polka dots! Place the sign into a colourful border. You can get a frame from Ikea with […]

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How would you like to set up your roster ONCE then let it run for the year? Last year my rosters were very hap hazard and I vowed all through last year that it will be different this year! A simple thing not in action will mean small things are not done and at the […]

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Room Labels

Time to get organised! Here are some editable labels that you can laminate and stick to your art and craft supplies, play boxes and anything in your room that needs labelling. You can use the ones I have created as well as make your own. Once they are printed you can laminate them and place […]

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Name Tags

Last year I created name tags with just the children’s name. This year I am a little “smarter” and I have added a symbol! Learning to read your name is a progression. Having a symbol will certainly help children to find their belongings easier. This in turn will help morning routine and the end of […]

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Name Chart Service

Last term a teacher asked me if I can create her Name Charts for her so she can save time. Yes! Absolutely I can! I have finished my name charts, name tags and drawer/desk tags for the year and am getting organised! If you are wanting me to help you with your class set  then I […]

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