How would you like to set up your roster ONCE then let it run for the year? Last year my rosters were very hap hazard and I vowed all through last year that it will be different this year! A simple thing not in action will mean small things are not done and at the end of the day it means spending extra resources and time to make things and clean things! Not this year!


This year I have a combined roster. A Sensory & Laundry Roster in one. The week a child’s family is on sensory play they will collect laundry as well. This will mean there is less fuss and parents can be prepared as they know way in advance (a whole year) when they will be on.

I am excited to see this up and running. No more laundry and making play dough – as much as I LOVE these things!

I have printed my Roster as a booklet. There is a letter at the front explaining what is happening as well as all the recipes Parents will need included!

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