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EYLF Resources for Teachers

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Starskills EYLF Resources for Teachers

1Starskills resources for teachers has come out of my own experience with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) with the best of these resources provided her for you to benefit from. Here you will find a great range of creative EYLF  resources for educators wanting to teach their babies, toddlers, kindy kids & preschoolers & succeed within the EYLF!

EYLF Downloads & Printables

2I know how busy the life of teacher is. And so I have created my EYLF resources that you can easily edit and add to your teaching! Starskills EYLF resources include EYLF Planners, EYLF templates, EYLF Portfolios, EYLF Learning Stories and much more! To browse the selection of resources, see below.

EYLF Curriculum Plans & Learning Packs

3Move with the interests of your children quickly! One of the best ways to do this within the early years learning framework is to introduce playful learning centres. These printables teach early learning literacy and numeracy skills within fun, interesting and engaging topics the children will love!

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