Helping you feel less stressed and more organised with the EYLF! Here are my TOP 50 EYLF + PRESCHOOL Products Bundled into a Premium Resource for Early Learning Professionals


Please See the Preview to See Exactly what you will be getting to help you to get a handle on the EYLF!


  • Editable EYLF Planning Documents to change as your own
  • EYLF Curriculum Plans & Learning Packs
  • 100’s of inexpensive activities that are super quick to organise!
  • Editable Learning Stories just add your pictures and quotes from children
  • Room resources to get you organised
  • Super quick & cheap dramatic play printables
  • Super Easy Print Off and Change Weekly Play Centres – Literacy / Maths /
  • Sensory


Years of Work Done for you in ONE PLACE!

Simple easy to use templates for you to use in your planning!


1. Simple EYLF Planner – 232 pages

Be organised and stay on top of your documenting this year! Here is the one editable document you must have this year. Everything you need to jot down your ideas, track interests and plan for play where you are!


2. EYLF Editable Templates – 60 Pages

Here is an editable version of the EYLF Starter Pack that you may already have. Many asked for the editable version so here it is for you. Simply download and start your planning.


3. EYLF Planner Newsletter – 52 templates

Every week communicate with parents and care givers with these blank newsletter templates. They correspond with the EYLF Planner. Tie everything together! You can create rosters, newsletters, homework pages with the following 52 templates.


4.Daily Work Pad Template

My Daily Planner is the best format I have used. It is flexible and editable. You can edit your Daily Planner and stay organised.


5. EYLF Cards

Here are my EYLF Cards that you can print off as photos. You can use these to slip into a child’s work folder or use them to make a display. ​

6. EYLF Learning Cards

These EYLF Learning through Play Cards help to communicate the importance of play to parents. You can print them as photos and use them to display next to photos of children engaged in the play being focused on.

Quick no fuss displays!


7. EYLF Portfolio Special Days

Portfolios and documenting learning is easy with these helpful Portfolio resources.

Portfolio Cards – The photo cards can be used for a “Photo Album” record of your child’s learning or you can use them to simply glue or slot into each A3 Portfolio Template page.

8. EYLF Portfolio

This Portfolio Bundle is designed to help you create an amazing selection of learning and memories for the families that you support. Included in this are A3 Templates – 50 pages {Portrait and Landscape}


9. Learning Stories – Editable

Create your learning stories quickly and easily with these editable templates! Add you

pictures, stories and quotes without thinking. Copy and paste the learning that is occurring and share this with parents in their child’s

Portfolios or Learning Folders.​


10. Kindergarten Guidelines

These templates are designed to be edited whereby you can add your own indicators or copy and paste the ones included. Even if you are not from WA this document is excellent for expounding on the EYLF for the Kindergarten years.


11. Roster – Editable

There are editable Name Tags. Simply open up in your children’s names. These are excellent for helping children to find their belongings as they remember the symbol on their tag. As the year progresses they can begin to identify their names without the symbol.


12. EYLF Copy & Paste I Statements Tags

Simply copy and paste onto work and portfolios with ease! No typing, no cutting and pasting!

13. 20 Literacy Centre Portfolios

Portfolio pages are designed for you to simply add your photos and text!


14. 20 Maths Centre Portfolios

These portfolio pages are designed for you to simply add your photos and text!

15. 40 Sensory Play Centres


With over 40 Sensory Play Centres these activities cover a range of sensory experiences for your young children -:

  • Tactile Sensory Play refers to touch
  • Vestibular Sensory Play refers to movement and balance
  • Proprioception Sensory Play refers to body awareness in space
  • Auditory Sensory Play refers to activities that deal with sound and hearing
  • Visual Sensory Play develops vision and seeing
  • Olfactory Sensory Play engages a child’s sense of small

16. 20 Literacy Centres


These 20 Literacy Centre Ideas can be rotated with your little preschoolers. I store each activity in a box and rotate the children. Foundational skills are developed and I have one on one time with each child.


Here are 160 printables for you to add weekly and build each Literacy Centre. There are 20 activities that you can add quickly to your daycare and classroom.


These activities focus on developing Literacy skills and building foundational and emergent skills. From writing to letter recognition.​

17. 20 Maths Centres


Here are 20 Math Centre Ideas that you can rotate with your preschool to Kindergarten aged students. I store each activity in a box and rotate the children. Foundational skills are developed and I have one on one time with each child.


Here are some fun, hands on and interactive Maths Centre ideas for the preschoolers in your life! These activities are easy to organise and help to develop number recognition, 1:1 correspondence, number ordering and more. Have these stations ready to go and add to your curriculum.

18. 121 Early Learning Charts

As a group we point, practice and play. You can set these up in your literacy and math centres. You can laminate the charts and write over them with a marker.

19. Early Learning Flashcards

This is the set of flash cards I created to teach my kids how to count, learn their letters and identify numbers and groups of objects. I used the set from when my kids turned three and am still using it with my 5 year old to finish teaching her the first 120 sight words.


20. Letter & Number of the Week Booklets {A-Z}

Each week focus on a number and a new letter. Print these activities as Learning Centre activities or as weekly practice booklets. Great for the children who need a little extra.


Letter of the Week A-Z Pack. Each week focus on a letter and number. These activities can be printed then laminated. Each week you can build up your play boxes for the children in your care. Involve parents with weekly vocabulary charts and “homework”. There are set activities included in the Letter and Number of the Week Booklet.


21.Alphabet Picture Memory

Print off this Alphabet Picture Game for a fun and interactive way to hear beginning sounds. Laminating this game will enable this Alphabet Game to be used over and over again.


22. 26 A-Z Alphabet Charts

There are 26 full colour Alphabet Charts for you to print off. Each alphabet chart has items that begin with each letter. Focus on children learning their letter sounds and hearing beginning sounds.

23.Alphabet Art & Craft

Each letter has the letter you can decorate and the picture you can craft. Each week there are simple ideas you can do with your child.


24. Cut, Colour & Paste

Our Beginning Sounds series of teaching resources are designed by passionate early educators who not only want you to help teach your child the alphabet but we want you to play and enjoy the process!

25. Name Tags – Editable

There are editable Name Tags. Simply open up in your children’s names. These are excellent for helping children to find their belongings as they remember the symbol on their tag. As the year progresses they can begin to identify their names without the symbol.


26. Birthday Pack

Celebrate each child’s birthday with the printable Birthday Pack. Give each child a name tag to wear for the day. They can wear the crown or decorate it as well as take home a keepsake bookmark and name card.


27. My First Day Sign – Editable

On the child’s first day I take a picture of them holding the “My First Day” sign. I use this photo on the child’s Portfolio and as a memory keeper. I have also used it for my own children as they have entered a new year of school.


28. Entomologist Play Pack

Print off these Dramatic Play posters and set up your area quickly and without a fuss!

29. Honey Shop Play Pack

The Honey Shop would have to be one of the most popular areas I set up! The kids absolutely LOVE this simple yet fun shop!

30. Pet Shop Play Pack

Children love to talk about their pet and it is a wonderful way to help connect family life to their early learning setting. Children can care for their pets and be immersed in play!

31. Zoo Play Pack

When your child is interested in going to the Zoo then these printables will help you! Children can buy tickets and you can set up different animals in your Zoo. Print off the signs and you are ready to go!

32. School Play Pack

Playing schools and teachers can encourage children in so many learning areas. Remember to add dress up “Teacher” clothes to your dramatic play!

33. Hospital Play Pack

You can set up a waiting room where patients are admitted or you can set up a hospital. Children can look after “sick” dolls and teddy bears or each other.

34. Dancing School Play Pack

Children can fill in a registration form to join dance classes. I love to add a variety of jazz, classical and popular music that the children enjoy.

35. Fire Station Play Pack

Helping children to learn their phone number and their emergency details as they tell the fireman where the fire is and explain details of the emergency! Vital skills for our little ones.

36. Construction & Building Play Pack

You can add this to your sand play and construction area to encourage play that builds and experiments! Set up your building teams and off you go!

37. Healthy ABC Food Play Pack

Children are encouraged to write a menu and think about whole foods. There are A-Z food pictures to match with the alphabet for extra learning fun.other!

38. Police Play Pack

Children love this play as they zoom around to emergencies and set up different police scenarios! Children can practice copying “number plates” and make a police hat.

39. Creative Artist Play Pack

This dramatic play encouraged children to be creative – paint, collage, draw and more! Children can practice their colours and matching them with words.

40. 40 Centres for Science Week Play Day

There are 40 Centres to use for Science Week. I also include a Science Play Day with parents. There are enough

experiences to flow through the week. Hands on sensory science fun!


41. Mother’s Day Morning

There are 10 simple activities to set up. Easy, fun and memorable. Print off the activity posters and the plan and hand it to each Mum so they can move round with ease!


42. Father’s Day Morning

This is designed for you to quickly and easily throw a Father’s Day Morning in your early place of learning. Set up your activity tables and allow children and Dads to have a morning together.


43.Teddy Bear Picnic Play

10 Great activities where children will be involved in craft, cooking, writing, Colour Sorting, Sensory experiences, Investigations and more!! 30 pages ready to print!

44.Easter Play Day

Easter is such a special time to celebrate. Remembering the death of Jesus. I love to have an Easter Play Day with parents or older buddy classes. It is a wonderful morning with lots of activity and enjoyment!

45.Orientation Day

The day is set up for new families to mingle and feel relaxed. Children can go where they like and have a small play in their future environment. I have 10-12 activities labelled for the children that you can use for your Orientation Day.


46.Community Helpers

An editable 10 Week Curriculum Plan with play ideas, book suggestions to help get you started! Each week has indoor and outdoor play ideas to help you provide a stimulating environment for your early learning setting.


47.Insect Resource Pack

This is a substantial Curriculum Plan and Learning Pack for when your children show an interest in Insects.

48.Sea Resource Pack

This was my first every plan I did in my Kindy Sea Curriculum Plan. I tied this in with craft, literacy and numeracy. Included in the pack are my charts, posters and much more! As this is my first plan it does not link to EYLF There are some great resources through!

49. Pets Curriculum Plan

When you are following the interests of children or getting to know the children in your care, PETS is a wonderful interest area that the children will love! This

Curriculum Plan goes with my

Pets Dramatic Play.


50. Christmas Resource Pack

This editable EYLF Christmas Curriculum Plan will get you started with Christmas in your early learning setting! It includes ideas, activities, learning pack, resources, reading cards and even a powerpoint for display or for your children to use!




All the best,