Starskills Club Premium Bundle


starskills-premium-bundle1The Starskills Premium Bundle is an amazing collection of Starskills Early Learning Resources to get administrators and educators of 0-8 years olds started. I want to show you in this blog post exactly what is included in this amazing bundle! You will be able to see what is included in this bundle by heading over to the Starskills Club

There are over 40 products & the 40 Weeks Program included! Let’s get started…..

Planning & Programming

1. EYLF Planner

EYLF 2015 Planner is EDITABLE and a fantastic way to get you started with your EYLF Documentation. It is over 232 pages too! Each section is editable so just add your information using text boxes.

2. EYLF Newsletter Templates

The second resource you will enjoy relates to the planner above.  Simply type up your weekly newsletters with templates that correspond to your EYLF Planner. Every week communicate with parents and care givers with these blank newsletter templates. They correspond with the EYLF Planner. Tie everything together! You can create rosters, newsletters, homework pages with the following 52 templates.

3. EYLF Portfolio Templates

There are 40 templates that you can use for your Portfolios. I have included A3 colour as well as black and white files for you. Each page has EYLF outcomes and is a wonderful collation of each child’s learning throughout the year. These templates relate to my 40 weeks Program as well which you may also enjoy in your early learning setting.


4. 40 Weeks Early Learning Program & 40 Online Weekly Videos

The Starskills 40 Weeks Program is designed for children aged 0-5. It is a weekly program that provides a literacy and numeracy introduction and focus. Children develop vocabulary, count and clap words. It is a visually based program with educators being able to login to the weekly early learning video, collect weekly learning cards. Parents are kept involved with “Homework Cards” each week this is great for parents who desire to be in touch with what is happening with their children each week. They love collecting the cards and feeling apart of their child’s learning. There are also weekly Starskills 40 Week EYLF Portfolio pages that tie in with the EYLF and highlight the 40 Weeks program running in your early learning setting.

The program is perfect for playgroups, daycares, 3 plus programs, and anyone with a desire to teach the babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindy children in their life. The simplicity of the program provides a simple framework but is flexible enough to add your own touch to and tie into teaching regarding the EYLF.

5. EYLF Portfolio Bundle

If you would like a more simple version for your portfolios then this Portfolio bundle will be perfect for you. I have A3 sheets to print and you can add pictures and text.Included in this folder are – EYLF Outcome Cards, Term Development Cards – About Me / Portraits / Writing, EYLF Play Cards, EYLF Special Days, EYLF cards for journalling / plain cards and EYLF Inspirational Cards.

6. EYLF Bundle {EYLF Templates  l  Cards  l Posters  l Play Cards }

EYLF – Early Years Learning Framework HUGE BUNDLE! EYLF Outcome Posters, EYLF Programming Templates in Word, EYLF Learning Story Templates and EYLF Portfolio Template and Photo Cards!

EYLF – Early Years Learning Framework Posters (A4) are designed to print off and use as a classroom display to highlight learning in your early learning setting. Each principle has supporting outcomes that are a fantastic starting point so you don’t have to think bout what each principle means

There are 38 pages to print off & laminate or simply place in your programming file.

These A3 templates are designed to visually represent what learning stories are occuring in your class. You can simply print your photos (I like to add a white border) and place them on the pages. Add journalling arrows and boxes with your handwriting or text. Print templates on coloured card and they look fantastic! Save time and educate your parents with each template listing what their child is “Learning Through Play” as well as linking it to the EYLF. Simply add your running notes and your Learning Stories are a breeze!

7. Learning Stories {Editable}

These A3 editable templates are designed to visually represent what learningg stories are occuring in your class. You can simply add your photos and text very easily. The editable templates are in Power Point which is very easy to use and navigate. Print templates on coloured card and they look fantastic! Save time and educate your parents with each template listing what their child is “Learning Through Play” as well as linking it to the EYLF. Simply add your running notes and your Learning Stories are a breeze!

8. Daily Planner

As educators we have to think of the BIG picture and where we are going. We can only really truly do this once we know the children and their backgrounds. We can then assess weekly what we will do and what we will need to focus on. My overall planning I will use the EYLF Planner but then we need to get down to being organised for the day. My Daily Planner is the best format I have used. It is flexible and editable. You can edit your Daily Planner and stay organised. This is the document I use for my TA to help her see what needs to be organised, cleaned, set up etc… I love this planner as it is too the point and not detailed. It gives a great run down of the day.

9. Kindergarten Guidelines {Editable}

Here are my editable templates you can use in your planning and programming. These templates are designed to be edited whereby you can add your own indicators or copy and paste the ones included.  Even if you are not from WA this document is excellent for expounding on the EYLF for the Kindergarten years.

The five areas of learning and development in the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines are based on the five outcomes of the EYLF (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009). These areas are designed specifically for Kindergarten aged students in WA . The use the EYLF as the primary basis for learning. The guidelines acknowledge that all children are different and may not achieve all the standards outlined but this direction considers the high expectations and equity as outlined in the EYLF.

The Kindergarten guidelines offer indicators as examples and not as prescriptive standards. This is important as each group of children and context are different. Educators can use the indicators as a guide but know that there is freedom to build upon the guidelines while considering all development areas.

Curriculum Plans

10. Curriculum Plan & Learning Pack – Insects

The Insect Curriculum Plan is designed for you to edit and use in your planning. Responding to the children’s interested and being able to have ideas, downloads, learning power points and more is imperative when planning for your children.

Included in this pack –

INSECT TEACHER BINDER- Start your file with Binder Dividers that will keep everything to do with the Insect theme in one file!

INSECT EYLF PROGRAMMING DOCUMENTATION – Enjoy my EYLF Insect Curriculum Plan that you can edit and add to. Great activity ideas that you can use. Add your own ideas and edit away. Included is an overview sheet that you can tailor to your class. Add your assessment for the duration of this program, specific teaching and spontaneous learning that is occurring with your class! Very flexible!

INSECT LEARNING PACK – PRINTABLES – Print off some Insect games, fingerplays, songs and poems, book suggestions and more!

INSECT POWERPOINT – Introduce your 0-5 year olds to the world of insects. There are pictures of insects as well as information on where they may live, what insects eat and other fun Insect facts. Use the powerpoint during a mat session or set up a learning display for the children to navigate through the Insect Powerpoint.

INSECT CLASS HELPERS – Set up some Inquiry based learning centers very easily with these fun printables!

INSECT READING CARDS – Hand these out to children or use them on an Insect Learning Display.

11. Curriculum Plan – Community Helpers

An editable 10 Week Curriculum Plan with play ideas, book suggestions to help get you started! Each week has indoor and outdoor play ideas to help you provide a stimulating environment for your early learning setting. This is editable so you can add the children’s ideas, parents feedback and your own inspiration! Included – 20 Editable Play Plans – Editable Weekly Parent Communication Hand Outs

12. Curriculum Plan & Learning Pack

This was my first every plan I did in my Sea Curriculum Plan. I tied this in with craft, literacy and numeracy. Included in the pack are my charts, posters and much more! I also have included some excellent resources to go along with the Sea. Alphabet Sea Posters, Sea Theme Morning Work (Older Children), Alphabet Sea Chart, ABC Sea Craft, Sea Program, Sea Phonemic Awareness Cards, Sea 123 Number Cards

13. Curriculum Plan – Pets

When you are following the interests of children or getting to know the children in your care, PETS is a wonderful interest area that the children will love! This Curriculum Plan goes with my Pets Dramatic Play. Edit and add your own ideas as you reflect on the play and conversations occurring in your early learning setting.

14. Curriculum Plan & Learning Pack- Christmas

This editable EYLF Christmas Curriculum Plan will get you started with Christmas in your early learning setting! It includes ideas, activities, learning pack, resources, reading cards and even a powerpoint for display or for your children to use!

EYLF editable Christmas Curriculum Plan that is A3 or A4 depending on what works for you.

  • EYLF Resources including recipes, songs and books that are a perfect match for this plan
  • EYLF Learning Pack – fantastic printable games to make, laminate and get playing!
  • Christmas Powerpoint that would be wonderful to have as a learning centre or on a classroom display table
  • Christmas Reading Cards for the children to sequence, take home or for you to use on a display
  • Christmas Take Home Vocabulary Card – Christmas Words for the children to take home

Colouring In

15. Community Helpers Colouring In

Included in the Community Helper colouring in  are a Teacher, Doctor, Nurse, Chef, Construction Worker, Fireman, Artist, Policeman, Postman and Dancer.

Dramatic Play Centres

16. Zoo Dramatic Play

Set up play around a Zoo theme and encourage Zoo play in your early learning setting. Children can buy tickets and you can set up some enticing areas within your Zoo!

17. Post Office Dramatic Play

If you would like to see children write more then it essential to include opportunities in play for children to do so. I find children will write more prolifically through play than by telling children they “have to write”. Remember to model the different roles for the children so all children are aware of the people they can role play.

18. Insect inquiry Based Play

Helping children to question and delve deeper into play – to question and to think is easy to do. If you find your children interested in bugs here are a few ideas you can print and implement. Insect Inquiry Based Play

  • Set up an Insect Research Office – with books and insects.
  • Add an “Entomologists” costume
  • Set up a Sketching Table with clipboards, markers and plastic insects
  • Colour Table – matching things from nature to your colour chart
  • Questioning – How do we attract butterflies into our garden?
  • Will ants leave crumbs we leave near their anthill?

19. Honey Shop Dramatic Play

This would have to be one of my favourite play centres to set up. A “Honey Shop” where I fill plastic cups with bright yellow and orange cellophane. I have baskets and a cash register and my printables to define the space. The kids absolutely LOVE this and it ties in so well when children show an interest in bugs or insects.

20. Pet Shop Dramatic Play

Children love animals and talking about their pets. I set up this station and the children feed and look after their pets.

Community Building Play Days

21. Father’s Day Play Day

This is designed for you to quickly and easily throw a Father’s Day Morning in your early place of learning. Set up your activity tables and allow children and Dads to have a morning together enjoying each other’s company and creating wonderful memories! You will have 12 easy activities to set up with materials you already have. have a simple snack on hand – I like to do toast with a selection of jams. This is easy to do and simple enough for teh children to be involved with making it with Dad.

22. Mother’s Day Play Day

Mother’s Day Morning pack is designed for you to quickly and easily throw a Mother’s Day Morning in your early place of learning. Set up your activity tables and allow children and Mums to have a morning together enjoying each other’s company and creating wonderful memories! There are 10 simple activities to set up. Easy, fun and memorable. Print off the activity posters and the plan and hand it to each Mum so they can move round with ease!

23. Easter Play Day and Bundle

Easter is such a special time to celebrate. Remembering the death of Jesus. I love to have an Easter Play Day with parents or older buddy classes. It is a wonderful morning with lots of activity and enjoyment!

24. Orientation Play Day

Having a successful transition for new children to your early learning setting is a wonderful way to partner with new families. I love to meet the children on a planned “Orientation Day”. The day is set up for new families to mingle and feel relaxed. Children can go where they like and have a small play in their future environment. I have 10-12 activities labelled for the children that you can use for your Orientation Day.

Learning Centres

25. Sensory Play Centres

Sensory Play is very important for children as it helps them to integrate all their senses. Sensory play helps children process all the information the brain receives from touching,smelling, tasting, hearing and seeing. There are a number of different types of sensory activities you should consider for each modality. Within each Sensory Play experience there are different senses being engaged. Print off over 40 ideas and quickly change your play each week.

26. Literacy Learning Centres {160 printables}

20 Literacy Centres Ideas that you can rotate with your pre kinders – kindergarten students. I store each activity in a box and rotate the children. Foundational skills are developed and I have one on one time with each child. When I have parent helpers they are easily involved and children get more one on one demonstration and support. Included are 20 Literacy Centres Ideas Posters. You can print these off and rotate children easily.There are 160 printables for you to add weekly and build eack Literacy Centres. Easy organisation and a fantastic opportunity for children to truly master literacy skills!

27. Maths Learning Centres {192 printables}

Here are 20 Math Centres Ideas that you can rotate with your pre kinders – kindergarten students. I store each activity in a box and rotate the children. Foundational skills are developed and I have one on one time with each child. When I have parent helpers they are easily involved and children get more one on one demonstration and support. Included are 20 MathCentres Ideas Posters as well as complimenting worksheets/pages. You can print these off and rotate children easily. There are 192 printables for you to add weekly and build each MathCentres. Easy organisation and a fantastic opportunity for children to truly master math skills!

Early Learning Skills

28. Early Learning Charts {121 Charts}

This is a set of Early Learning Charts that I use to teach my kids basic skills in a fun way. As a group we point, practice and play.  You can set these up in your literacy and math centres. You can laminate the charts and write over them with a marker.

29. Early Learning Flash Cards {358 Cards}

I have very fond memories of using these flashcards with my own children when they were 3 & 4 years of age! I would wake up and first thing in the morning we would sit on my son’s bed and go through our sounds, numbers and sounding out! It was short and sweet and fun! 5 minutes at the most daily! It worked because both children went to school knowing their letters, numbers and were confident at beginning to sound out! This is the set of flash cards I created to teach my kids how to count, learn their letters and identify numbers and groups of objects. I used the set from when my kids turned three and am still using it with my 5 year old to finish teaching her the first 120 sight words

Beginning Sounds

30. Alphabet Charts {A-Z}

There are 26 full colour Alphabet Charts for you to print off. Each alphabet chart has items that begin with each letter.  Focus on children learning their letter sounds and hearing beginning sounds.

31. Alphabet Craft {A-Z}

Our Alphabet series of teaching resources are designed by passionate early educators who not only want you to help teach your child the alphabet but we want  you to play and enjoy the process! Offer your child a variety of ways they can learn the alphabet. Cut, colour, paste, play and craft the alphabet! Have fun teaching the alphabet!

32. Alphabet Picture Memory Game

Print off this Alphabet Picture Game for a fun and interactive way to hear beginning sounds. Laminating this game will enable this Alphabet Game to be used over and over again.

33. Alphabet Sort

Help your child to learn their alphabet by these Alphabet Sort Worksheets. Children will learn to hear the beginning sounds with each letter. Cut and then sort the pictures with the sounds you hear. The glue and colour. Introduce your children to the Alphabet Charts first so they are confident they know what all the pictures are. Then I would introduce the Alphabet Sort worksheets. Try and focus on one letter per week as a guide. Remember to keep practicing your Alphabet with flashcards but make the practice short, sharp, fun and sweet!

34. Alphabet Beginning Sounds – Dot It!

A – Z Children must clap and dot the syllables in each picture.

Beginning Sight Words

35. Beginning Sight Words

Beginning Sight Words has been designed as a Take Home Program that teachers can send home with each student in the class. There are 83 Take Home Cards that can be printed on card or printed as photos. I love printing them as photos, it may cost a little extra but you can organise it once and use the cards again. Included in the Beginning Sight Words Program is a Take Home Sight Word Cover that can be laminated. You can attach the Starskills Tracking Sheets within and record and monitor each student’s progress.

Letter & Number of the Week Booklets

36. Letter & Number of the Week Booklets {26 Printable Booklets}

Each week focus on a number and a new letter. Print these activities as Learning Centre activities or as weekly practice booklets. Great for the children who need a little extra.

For Your Room

37. First Day Sign

 On the child’s first day I take a picture of them holding the “My First Day” sign. I use this photo on the child’s Portfolio and as a memory keeper.

38. Organisational Tags

Time to get organised! Here are some editable labels that you can laminate and stick to your art and craft supplies, play boxes and anything in your room that needs labelling. You can use the ones I have created as well as make your own. Once they are printed you can laminate them and place velcro dots on the back. Taking the time to be this organised will be worth it as supplies and everything in your room will be organised for the long term and years to come.

39. Name Tags

There are editable Name Tags. Simply open up in your children’s names. These are excellent for helping children to find their belongings as they remember the symbol on their tag. As the year progresses they can begin to identify their names without the symbol.

40. Roster {Editable}

This year I have a combined roster. A Sensory & Laundry Roster in one. The week a child’s family is on sensory play they will collect laundry as well. This will mean there is less fuss and parents can be prepared as they know way in advance (a whole year) when they will be on. I am excited to see this up and running. No more laundry and making play dough – as much as I LOVE these things! I have printed my Roster as a booklet. There is a letter at the front explaining what is happening as well as all the recipes Parents will need included!