Starskills Animal Early Learning Program Overview

Starskills Animal Early Learning Program Overview

Included with each Starskills Early Learning Program is an overview. This overview is a simple layout of what to focus on each week. It is simple for parents, leaders and educators. Teachers can include this in their programming but also be attentive to the needs of the children through reflective observation. After observing what is happening in play with the children, educators can add to their learning environment. I have included EYLF printables in the teacher’s members area for this purpose.

It is very important that you add play and learning experiences to the program based on the children and backgrounds of the children that you have. Learning needs to be fluid. Although you are implementing literacy sessions throughout the day it is important to watch, listen and see the direction the children are moving with regards to their play. The overview will guide some table top time, your literacy sessions and also some one on one practice with parents.


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