Outdoor Banner

I am really excited to be working on our outdoor play environment. For over a year this has not been a possibility as our play area was waiting for a proper fence. Well the sturdy fence is finally in and it is time to add some interest! I created a banner that is absolutely perfect for the space.

Creating Outdoor Learning

It is essential to make sure you watch the children play in your early learning setting. This will give you much clearer direction for what to add to the children’s play and how you can modify play based on your close assessments. When I put the banner up I didn’t draw attention to it – but rather just observed. A few children commented on the banner. One child in particular whilst riding past on his bike stopped and just looked at the banner for about 5 minutes. He was just taking it all in!

Extending Outdoor Learning

Literacy and numeracy learning does not just have to occur “indoors” there are plenty of opportunities that you can add to outdoor play. It does not have to be structured but you can set up games and experiences that the children can enjoy with their friends. You can engage in games and explicit teaching as the children enjoy the outdoors. Remember though that interactions should be short and fun!

Take your Literacy & Numeracy Outdoors

“Learning” does not have to take place indoors. Instead take it outdoors where the children can sit on the grass in the fresh air. They can practice counting to twenty, clapping syllables, listening to beginning sounds.

Set up a colouring in or collage table

Use the Sea Animal Blackline masters for children to colour, copy or collage.

Play Snap with Sea Posters & Numbers

You can print off the ABC posters that match the banner and play snap.

Observational Drawing Table

Set up a table with colours and markers for children to draw the sea animals .

Play Match with Sea Posters & Numbers

Laminate letters / numbers and help children match the beginning sounds.

Clap Syllables

Children can clap pictures as they see them. Help children to play this with their friends by modelling and giving a fun teacher pointer for pointing.

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