My Classroom

As I reflect on the things happening in my class this Term I feel tremendously blessed.

I wake up in the morning so excited about the kids and families I have contact with. I am excited to have fun things for the kids to be learning and to be involved with. One of the things I love is coming  to school and having my kids come along.

To share my teaching with my children is such a privilege. At one stage I was going to homeschool, but for me this is the next best thing! I love this picture of my kids loving Kindy!

This has been a wonderful Term for introducing more dramatic play and doing lots more craft with the children.

Term 1 in Kindy is all about routine, and I must say this is reflected in my class with much less visual distraction. As the children cope with routine I find they are better able to cope with more visually. Just my thoughts here…..I am wondering if other teacher’s have thoughts regarding this….

This Term I introduced a “Writing Center” that changes depending on the Community Helper Theme we are focused on.

Children have really enjoyed pretending to be teachers and the simple materials of a file and punch have kept the children so engaged and involved! For our “Waiting Room” children got a “Patient Folder” and I have been amazed at the children’s desire to write. Without any prompting – simply explaining the resources and “acting out” a few things is all it has taken! Play is such an amazing part of a child’s early learning experience.

One thing that has surprised me is I thought I would be changing my Play Centers each week.

Instead I have kept the teacher’s writing desk, added a Post Office and Hospital.The children have asked for and wanted to engage in these Centers. By keeping them the children’s play has developed and different children have been experiencing each center.

Term 2 is also a time for Reports, Portfolio and a Learning Folder.

A good opportunity to show parents how far their children have come and also what needs to be encouraged at home.Lots to do before the end of term but I am feeling on top of things and so excited to show my EYLF Assessment to the Parents.


Term 1 2013

Welcome to my classroom!

Hope you enjoy the little tour! This year I have gone for a very clean and white look. With colour being added as an accent. Our classroom is as clutter free as possible with the children being able to focus on the actual activities they are participating in. I find children can get overstimulated so visual clutter is kept to a minimum.

This year I am implementing Literacy & Maths Centers which are going really well.

They have been a hit! The activities constantly change and the children are engaged and I am able to give one on one attention to all my class! Of course this has only worked because I have so many boxes! Never have too many boxes 🙂