How to Teach Using Starskills


Teaching your little one does not have to be kept a mystery! You certainly don’t have to be a teacher you just need passion to want to learn how to teach! Starskills is designed to be simple and to build each week. It has been the best Program to help teach playgroups, Kindy class and early learning settings! Each Starskills Early Learning Program is divided into 10 Weeks and you get a new program every 12 weeks. You can have one week to get organised and if there is a week you missed there is a spare week at the end, before the next program starts.

The Starskills Early Learning Program is perfect for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Here are a few of my pointers for how to teach Starskills to your baby, toddler and pre school aged children.

1. Starskills teaching sessions need to be SHORT

It is important before you begin your Starskills session to have everything set up and organised. Have your materials ready, weekly video loaded, your worksheets and learning cards printed for the week. Have your children watch the weekly early learning video. Always praise your child for their effort then move on. This should take 4-5 minutes at the most. move onto your weekly numeracy card, followed by the weekly words.

2. Starskills teaching sessions need to be SHARP

After the video and praise show your child their learning cards. Keep this flowing. Young babies and toddlers have short attention spans so don’t ask questions. The important thing here is to show and point to the information. Be sharp.

3. Starskills teaching sessions need to be FOCUSED

From the weekly video to the cards you need to remain focused. If you do things in the same order your child will become familiar with the routine and will begin to feel confident. It is important to lead the session and remain on task. This will help your child to learn. It is important to focus on the content outlined per week. Resist the urge to go ahead and watch the following weeks video. It is important to frame your child’s learning and provide some repetition so confidence builds.

4. Starskills teaching sessions need to be FREQUENT

Try and watch the weekly video everyday and go through your learning cards. This will take no longer than 5 minutes especially when your sessions are short, sharp and focused.

As you enjoy Starskills at home, playgroup or class you are teaching the children so much more! You are teaching your child to stay focused, listen and remain engaged. Remember to be realistic as well! Kids will be kids and listening and staying engaged will depend on the flow of your session. That is being short, sharp, focused and frequent!

Have a super week and enjoy your week learning with your child!

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