Meet the Barnes family! Beth and Richie have 4 kids and have worked with kids for many years. Beth knows how to throw a fun, relaxed birthday party for the whole class! They are a BRAVE family. So… here is how to throw a dinosaur party from an experienced Mumma Bear!

Tell me a bit about yourself and family

We’re a family of Six and Joshua is our 3rd Child. He’s just started Pre-primary and is loving it!!! He’s been coming home telling us of all the new friends he’s making at school, so we decided to put on a birthday party and invite his whole class, girls and boys.

The last couple of years have been a bit of a whirlwind and we’ve not done too great with parties and just had small family celebrations so we wanted to put a little effort in this year but not spend too much money!!!

How did you decide on the Dinosaur Theme

We had left it to the last minute and we were searching for printable invitation and found some colourful dinosaur ones, to which the party then had a dinosaur theme which Joshua was happy with and his favourite 2 colours Orange and Green.

What was the schedule for the day from the time the kids arrived to went home?

It was held at a park so there was lots of free play which the kids loved.

We allowed the children to eat when they wanted, however we gathered them together for games and the singing and cutting of the cake.

What games did you play?

We played Egg and Spoon Race

And had a Pineta

Musical bumps/Freeze

What was on the menu?

  • Fruit and Marshmallow Kebabs
  • Dinosaur Fairy Bread
  • Dinosaur iced biscuits Orange&Green
  • Carrots/Celery/Crackers and dips
  • Mini Sausage/Cheese Cubes on cocktail sticks
  • Watermelon
  • Chips
  • Orange and Green Dinosaur Swamp Jelly Slime 

Tell us a bit about the cake and how you decorated it?

It’s the first year in 14yrs of having children that Richie has ever offered to make the cake. So although I actually wanted to do it, I allowed him to create the masterpiece, I assisted with making up batches of icing.

It was four Round Sponges, Sandwiched together 2 Side by side, with a slice off each cake so that they could be pushed together. The left over slices were created into little Hills. The cake was covered in green butter icing and we used toy trees and dinosaurs to decorate, as well as chocolate eggs and lollies.

Tips for planning a party for a five year old boy?

Anything that you manage to throw together will be appreciated by this age group. They all had an amazing time just being together.

Be easy on yourself and try not to think too much about the adults coming, it’s a party for the children, so stay focused on that. Think simple and old style. So much these days are aimed at impressing people. Let’s bring back the simple old school parties. The kids will have a ball just being together.

Tips for running a smooth party.

  • Write lists, things to remember etc
  • I did and still left the Pineta under my bed, the park was less than 10 minutes away so we were able to dash home for it.
  • Do as much prep before the day as you can. 
  • Biscuits were done at the begining of the week and the cake the day before.
  • Veggies also prepared and put in zip locked bags in the fridge.

Last bits of advice…

Above all, enjoy it!!! Take the time to Enjoy the prep, enjoy the day, smile and be present during the party. It’s always going to be busy time during a party. Take moments to check in on your kid and ensure they’re having fun!  Be involved in the party games, either hosting or just joining in, your child and child’s friends will remember you as being fun. 

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