Starskills Original ABC Alphabet & Counting Sea Songs

Thrilled to upload my latest project! For a long time I have had so many songs I have written over my teaching life. I have finally started to work on these with my twin sister! This project is our very first of hopefully many.

Teach ABC through Song

This video is designed to teach your pre-school aged children their alphabet and 0-20 numbers through the fun and creativity of song. We have tried to write simple, memorable and educational tunes that we think your kids will love and engage with. The sea theme is also lots of fun as it takes the children to the magical underwater environment of the ocean.

Bec and I have had so many laughs creating this and I hope you enjoy singing and seeing the precious children in your care enjoy learning.

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Additional Sea Theme Resources

Are you looking for additional resources to teach your children their alphabet and counting using theĀ sea theme? Kids love the fun of the ocean. Makes sure you join the Starskills Club – I have the chart on the inside :).