Are you an early learning professional with a Bachelor of Early Childhood? If you are then starting your own preschool may be an excellent option for you. I have been involved with preschoolers for over two decades and at some point things will change in our career.

Maybe you want to have a baby and your commitment to work will change. Maybe you are heading towards part time hours over full time. Hopefully you still love working – but what if you don’t? What are your options when your circumstances change?

I thought I was going to be a full time early childhood teacher until I had a wonderful surprise baby at 40! Who know when this happens then your priorities change pretty drastically and quickly!

Fortunately for me I started a preschool business in 2012  – this created a little buffer for me.

What Can a Preschool Business Look Like?

Start A Preschool Information Products Business

Since 2010 I have sold Early Education Resources for Early Learning Professionals. This is one aspect of a Preschool Business that once set up is completely hands free and automated. Products I created from the very beginning are still being sold today! This is an excellent first step into a preschool business.

Start A Preschool Training Course Business

After creating a successful information product business I started to create EYLF Training for Early Learning Professionals. Training was housed in a members area and educators could access the course and do it at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home.

Start A Preschool at Home

One of the most exciting things I am doing is creating my own Preschool at Home. I get to decide on my hours, the children that attend and best of all I get to be with my family and build a business at home. I am most excited about the families I will be meeting and the amazing preschoolers i get to see grow and develop!

Start A Preschool Online

It’s not a one Preschool Business fits all. Depending on your season in life you can do a home preschool and on different days start to build your online preschool. This is an option for you that you can do 100% or do alongside your home preschool.

Start A Preschool Tutoring Business

Another preschool business idea involves using your teaching skills to tutor. You can offer weekly one on one sessions all booked in online. Ot you can do small group lessons. You can also grow this business online OR in a physical location and you can even have a flexible option of BOTH online and physical.