In 2017 I found out at 40 years of age that I was 9 weeks pregnant with my third child! A complete surprise and complete blessing! My then 11 and 12 year olds were over the moon!

I told my children on Mother’s Day when this photo was taken. I felt like a deep desire to have more children had come to pass.

Start a Preschool

I stayed at home with my first two and now it was time to do this for my third!

At the time I was teaching full time in Year 2 at a wonderful school. I knew though I wanted to be a stay at home Mum and would have to give this up. So in 2017 I left full time teaching to have a baby and start my journey again as a stay at home Mum.

Our miracle baby arrived and I knew that I would be home with my baby. Teaching was put to one side. Seeing our little boy grow has been absolutely priceless. You never get this time again.

I’ll never regret giving up my teaching position because I can never get back the years with my little boy. The sacrifice was worth it. I was part of every moment. What a blessing! I knew as my little one turned 3 I didn’t want my experience to end. I wanted to be fully present. I want to be home. BUT I would also like to make money from home.

It was in October that I went to a wedding I realised I didn’t have to get relief work and wait for the phone to ring and be away from my preschooler – I could start my own preschool from home. Our little boy would be my FIRST little one to join! Relief work was soooo sporadic at least I can now have a consistent income and work the hours I want! I can start my own preschool from home and as my little one grows transition this business into other options…..

Within 8 weeks I set up my Preschool at home!!! The amount of work was totally worth the peace of mind that I now can earn a consistent income from home have my little boy with me and the best part is I will never miss out on another moment!

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I’m so excited to start my preschool!