What is Starskills Online Early Learning?

Starskills Online Early Learning is a weekly early learning program that you can do with your baby, toddler, pre schooler, pre kinder and kindergarten aged child. Starskills aims to develop pre literacy and numeracy skills that are essential to get your child ready for learning at school. Research has shown the early years to have a tremendous impact on a child’s overall success. What is done in these formative years will provide stepping stones to failure or success. A little bit of time spent everyday is all you need to start building your child’s future.

Starskills is designed by  a professional Early Childhood Educator named Ruthie Chant  and is used in playgoups, schools, ESL communities and homes. Starskills has a new early learning program you can do with your child every 10 weeks. Included in the program is a  weekly online early learning video to watch with your child. There are weekly worksheets and learning cards to print off each theme. Each program comes with a 10 Week Overview so you can simply slot learning into your week.

What 10 Week Programs Are Included in Starskills?


  • Weeks 1-10 – Animal Early Learning Program
  • Weeks 11-20 – Colour Early Learning Program
  • Weeks 21-30 – Food Early Learning Program
  • Weeks 31 – 40 – Places Early Learning Program
  • Weeks 41-50 – Sea Early Learning Program
  • Weeks 51-60 – Pets Early Learning Community
  • Weeks 61-70 – My Community Early Learning Program
  • Weeks 71 – 80 – Christmas Early Learning Community