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I am so excited about offering all those who LOVE starskills a place to come and get everything you need in your teaching!

When you teach your baby, toddler, preschooler and kindy kids you will be able to download what you need and get teaching!

You will be able to create your own Early Learning Programs.

Welcome to Starskills! The best place you can be to teach your little one! Building your child’s educational foundation is so important – so thanks for stopping by! Please have a look at the programs designed so far in my Starskills Store!

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Please stay around and have a look at wonderful teaching resources for your baby, toddler, preschooler and Kindy kids.

Use the  Starskills Early Learning Resources will help you  to –

  • Develop early learning skills with just a few minutes a day.
  • Build early literacy and numeracy skills with your baby, toddler and preschooler.
  • Get a 10 week Program Overview to guide weekly learning.
  • Access a Weekly Early Learning video to develop vocabulary and pre-literacy skills.
  • Download Weekly Literacy & Numeracy focused worksheets.

Help Your Baby, Toddler, Pre Schooler and Kindy Aged Child Prepare for A Life Of Learning for School and Beyond

Starskills is all about Supporting Teaching And Reaching Star Kids Instilling Life Long Skills!

  • Early Learning Program starting with Animals, Colours, Food, Places
  • A simple and easy to follow Program Overview
  • Weekly Early Learning Video
  • Weekly Worksheets to print off
  • Weekly Numeracy Learning Card to download and print off
  • Weekly Vocabulary Learning Card to clap syllables
  • Weekly Homework Card outlining your focus for the week.
  • My EYLF Programs

Each Early Learning Program Develops Early Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Help Your Baby, Toddler, Pre Schooler and Kindy Aged Child Prepare for A Life Of Learning for School and Beyond

Starskills is a weekly early education program you can do with your

18 months plus  –  5 year old child at home, playgroup, community class, pre-kinder or school

that aims to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond.

Read what some amazing people are saying about Starskills!

Starskills is an essential resource for every parent in helping prepare their young children in attaining the heads up on counting, word recognition, arithmetic and shape comprehension. In our present age more parents than ever before are motivated in assisting their children’s early learning and development prior to formal schooling commencing. Both parents and educators now equally share the view that up-skilling children requires a joint approach and investment. Starskills is exactly the right tool for parents in helping their youngsters achieve this educational success in the containment of their homes. The bright clear layout and varied menu selection has captivated my 20 month yr old son. This is a must have tool aid for our future generation in assisting them develop a strong educational foundation that positively correlates with an increased sense of self-confidence.” Caryn Morais, Mum of 2 preschoolers & Specialist Clinical Psychologist Coordinator

I have been facilitating a community playgroup and running it using the Starskills Early Learning Program and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have had the privilege of assisting young children develop their speech, colour recognition, and overall confidence because of this program. Two children in particular come to mind, as they hadpreviously struggled with grasping the foundations of early childhood development due to hearingand learning disabilities. By the end of their time in the program, they were not only understanding basic picture, word, and colour association, but also listening and concentrating like never before. The preparation time required to set up and run Starskills is worth every minute of assisting parents with encouraging and training their children in preparation for their future school careers. I have no hesitation in recommending the Starskills Programs to parents and potential teachers. The program is easy to follow and provides a framework for success! Kayleigh Broad, Playgroup Leader

i60 is a Charity organisation, that have have the Starskills Early Learning Program for over a year. Within Wanneroo City the high rate of children entering school unprepared in the area of basic pre-educational skills prompted our organisation to make this program available for our community. We approached the City of Wanneroo who had no hesitation in supporting the running of this program both in light of the communities needs as well as the Excellent Quality of the Program.We have run it in three different playgroups. The groups have all attracted different socio/economic backgrounds and the feedback from each group has been excellent.The content & quality of this program is without a doubt one of the best educational tools you can find for children in this age range.I have no hesitation in recommending the Starskills program together with it’s developer, Ruthie Chant to you if you are seeking a program which will help connect you to your community to make a difference for our childrens’ futures. Trish Botha, i60 Community Services Coordinator
Mr. John Quigley wrote a letter endorsing Starskills for the i60 Community Services. In the letter he wrote,  ” It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to write this testimonial on behalf of i60 Community Services Inc. a local charity business based in the northern suburbs which provide such programs and essential community services to the constituents in my local electorate. The invaluable programs include Starskills : A weekly quality, early education program that teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers foundational early learning skills”. Local Politician, John Quigley, Member for Mindarie & Shadow Attorney General

I cannot express how happy I am that my son Anashe spent at the Starskills Merriwa Class . I believe this early learning chilhood program has a very balanced structure, during the class kids learn various activities ,games ,play dough time,music time,numbers , and they also learn about animals. It creates a fantastic atmosphere for the kids. I also thank you for making the parents welcome to be part of starskills program. Caroline, Mum to Anashe 18 months
I have loved doing Starskills with my son. The first program was all about Animals. He learnt so many new animals and was engaged the whole time! I love the fact there are weekly word cards to show him, a new number each week where he loves sticking his stickers on. I also love that I can print off the worksheets. The fact it is 10 weeks of activities for him that are educational are wonderful! I have just loved Starskills and look forward to the next program teaching him his colours and shapes! Ruda, Stay at Home Mum to Rueban 11/2 years old