My Timetable

At the moment I teach Kindergarten students (3-5) they come the year they are turning 4 and some leave when they are turning 5. When you are considering your timetable there are a number of factors. Having well thought out blocks of time is essential. Smooth transitions are another necessity and routines that the children become familiar with. All of these elements combine in helping children to feel secure and ultimately happy whilst in your care.


Please remember that each group of children are different. There are different family backgrounds and you will need to bear this in mind when considering your timetable.

Here is a brief rundown of my timetable-:

8:30 – Welcome & Settle
8:35 – Mat Time & Singing
8:45 – Session 1 – Starskills 40 Weeks Session (Day 1) Beginning Sounds (Day 2)
9:00 – Activities (Table Top & Sensory Play / Outdoor Play)
9:45 – Perceptual Motor Program & Recess (Leave time to teach washing hands, finding recess, opening recess box etc.)
10:00 – Outdoor Play (We have a shared playground so it is not viable at this time to extend, I will often go out earlier)
10:30 – Story Time
10:40 – Session 2 Play Centers
12:00 – Lunch
12:30 – Rest (children will sleep quite a while at the start)
1:00 – Session 3 Play (Quiet – Outdoor)
2:00 – Pack Bags & Oral News (Letter of the Week)
2:30 – Home Time

Timetable Helpers

For the beginning of the year I will open our door when the bell goes. Having the majority of students enter in our situation helps to get everyone on the same page so to speak. This can be the hardest part of the morning so having a familiar routine is very important. I set up a few reading tables / blankets. Children will read for 5 minutes then the bell will ring. When the bell rings I will say “Parents are leaving now one kiss one hug”. Children come to the mat and we begin with singing. In the past I have allowed parents to linger a while if their child is upset however experience says if we can keep this short and sweet it is much better in the long run. Again, this is my situation you will have to assess this based on your situation.

This coming year I am changingĀ  PMP to the morning. I prefer to do PMP in the morning when parent helpers are available when dropping off their children. If helpers are scarce then a simple program that focuses on fundamental movement skills is still necessary. Music and movement are other great additions to include in this program as well as providing some fun variety.