As a Mum who has been a teacher in a school my desire was always to be with my children and not miss any moment, be there to settle and be there for all of my children’s needs. Unfortunately this decision came at a cost. I had to make a decision to resign from my full time teaching position at the time.

Starting a Preschool at home has so many possibilities for income. So while being at home I have used my love of preschool education to diversify. The great thing today is anyone can do it when they know how.

Here are some side hustle ideas you may not have thought of…

  • Start a Preschool at home
  • Start an Online Preschool
  • Create Preschool Resources for your Store
  • Start Preschool Tutoring Online
  • Start Preschool Lessons – Music, Science
  • Start Preschool Courses for Parents

There are so many ideas that can grow into a great income or they can simply be a great addition to your current income.

You can use your teaching abilities into income and create your own products, programs, courses and more!