Not sure what to do in your playgroup to see children learn and be engaged? The Starskills Early Learning Program will guide you week by week!



My name is Ruthie and I am a trained Early Childhood educator. I have run playgroups and know it can be difficult to know what to do each week!  I am absolutely passionate about seeing young children valued in society. The early years from birth through to the preschool years are absolutely essential in providing a foundation for a child’s life!  I would love to see playgroup leaders around Australia make the most of these years and feel supported for the MOST IMPORTANT role within society! I have taught many children with learning difficulties and when I had my own children I realised even more how important the years before school are! They are critical. Parents can do so much before their child gets into school!

Playgroup leaders are not just babysitters they are educators that love and are passionate about kids too! Still….having a plan each week can sometimes be a challenge.

I would love to show you that your playgroup can provide this important foundation for children as well as parents. Parents can feel supported and each week have some great ideas to do with their children! I have designed Starskills for playgroup leaders to have a flexible framework each week. There is a short mat time, table top activities, weekly educational homework and fun play ideas each week.

I want to encourage a great sense of community whereby each term playgroups can also organise extra outings that tie in with the Starskills themes. We know that children learn through play so organising these fun times are essential! Not only do they provide learning opportunities, but they provide a very much needed support network and friends for parents!

Below is an early learning program specifically designed for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. A weekly guide showing you simple things you can do with your child that will help them in all areas of development! Please don’t miss the opportunity to prepare the children in your playgroup for learning. The early years from birth to 5 are the most important foundational years of your child’s life.

Our first theme is learning all about ANIMALS!

Find out more below,

Look forward to meeting you

Ruthie Chant

So…. there are a few options to consider for your PLAYGROUP.

OPTION 1. Early Learning Packs ONLY for your Playgroup.

(Minimum 8)$55 each

Each child gets an Early Learning Pack to keep at home. Inside each pack is the Starskills Animal Dvd, Learning Cards, Name Chart and Marker.

OPTION 2. Early Learning Packs + Playgroup Leader Program

(For 10 children or more) $65 each

Each child gets an Early Learning Pack (as above) plus there is a Playgroup Leader Box where we show you activities for the week set out clearly in the Starskills Program.

  • Starskills Animal Early Learning Program for Playgroup
  • Stickers
  • Parachute
  • Sticker Dots
  • 10 Colouring In Sheets each week


OPTION 3. Early Learning Packs (as above) + A Starskills Teacher

(minimum of 10 children) $120 each

If you like the idea of the Starskills session at your playgroup to be  run by a trained Starskills Playgroup leader then this option is for you!

This option is perfect first time round. You can see how to do it for a term then you are confident the following term!

  • Each child will receive an Early Learning Pack.
  • The teacher will run the class (however playgroup leaders will need to help with pack up and set up)
  • All resources for the children each week will be included.
  • Sessions will run for the first 30-40minutes of the class then the rest of your playgroup session can continue with morning tea and more play!


Option 1  – $55 each for just the pack MINIMUM of 8
Option 2  – $65 each for pack and PLAY LEADER program provided for the playgroup to run Starskills  MINIMUM of 8
Option 3 : $120 each (Each person gets an Early Learning Pack) I provide a teacher to run class. ($120 pays for pack, teacher and resources) MINIMUM 10
Payment is upfront before the Term begins (2 weeks before) so we have enough time to organise resources.