Starskills Animal Early Learning Program

I have just finished creating the Starskills Animal Early Learning Program! I am so excited to be able to share what this program includes! Starskills Early Learning Programs are for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindy students. Programs are designed to be easily implemented in playgroups, ESL and early learning settings such as daycares, pre kindy and kindy programs. For children needing additional literacy support Starskills aims to help teachers provide an interesting but focused weekly program.


The Starskills Animal  Early Learning Program is broken up into 10 weeks (a term). Each week educators can focus on developing  essential early literacy and numeracy skills. The Starskills Program is extremely easy to implement in playgroups, classrooms and home schools.

One of the most important elements of the Starskills Early Learning Programs are the class to parent support. Starskills desires to support parents in knowing how they can best support their little learner! The weekly connection between the learning happening in class and home is essential to seeing progress. Due to the clear layout of the program and weekly cards given each week parents know exactly what to be working on and talking about at home. Going to the library and logging in to watch weekly early learning videos gives added support and interest to the program. Starskills adds an educational focus to teaching your child, whilst not missing out on essential skills your child will need prior to starting school.

Starskills believes in PLAY and lots of it! Play is essential for young learners to develop. Each week it is important to provide the literacy and numeracy framework but it is even more important to inspire play each week in your early learning setting. Play helps to get kids talking and this is essential for literacy development.

Weekly Themes in the Animal Early Learning Program

Each week there is a fun theme to immerse your child in every week!

  1. Farm Animals
  2. Zoo Animals
  3. Pets
  4. Sea Animals
  5. Safari Animals
  6. Rainforest
  7. Australian Animals
  8. Insects
  9. Birds
  10. Endangered Animals

Weekly Table Top Activities

Activities are easily broken up into table top of small group activities for your early learning class.

  1. Literacy focused colouring in sheet
  2. Numeracy focused colouring in sheet
  3. Weekly Reading Card (literacy and numeracy focus)
  4. Weekly Vocabulary Card that compliments the weekly early learning video in the members area
  5. Weekly Parent Homework Cards – these cards give parents a wonderful way to focus on learning throughout the week. These parent cards encourage children to go through words (vocabulary development), count, clap words (phonemic awareness)
  6. Weekly Early Learning Video (teachers and parents can login to watch and practice new theme words)