Pet Shop

This week I am really excited to introduce our Pet Shop Dramatic Play and Pet Curriculum Plan to the children! As part of our literacy and numeracy program we are following the 40 Weeks Program and the fun play we are introducing revolves around Pets! It is early days into our year and I am also looking at getting to know the students. Finding out about their pets and experiences with animals is going to be very insightful!


I have designed signs for our shop, labels and prices. I am so looking forward to seeing their faces! My children are 3-4 years so I will definitely be joining in the play so they can learn the different roles and learn how to interact with one another. Having teacher interaction is imperative. Children learn through play and having engaged adults to model is very important.

All printables are in the EYLF Premium Resources Bundle.


Pet Shop Play Items

You can include the following in your Pet Shop Play

  • Pet Shop Signs
  • Pet Shop Prices Sign
  • Pet Shop Bag labels
  • Pet shop food labels
  • Pets shop toys – puppies, birds, frogs, fish, cats
  • Collars and leads
  • Bowls
  • Blankets
  • Pom Poms for food – teach colour identification with each pet having different colour food (pom poms)
  • Counters for Money & Prices sign – prices go up to 5 and we are going to practice counting to 5 as we play together


Pet Shop Play Roles

Modelling the different roles will really help children to be engaged in play both independently and when children are playing together. Here are some roles that you can demonstrate as you play.

  • Pet Shop Owner
  • Pet Shop Check out
  • Pet Shop Bag packer
  • Customer
  • Pet shop assistant who cares for all the animals

Pet-Shop-3 Pet-shop-4Pet-shop-6Pet-shop-2

I hope this gets you started. I have all my EYLF resources, Curriculum Plans and much more in over at my resources site for early childhood educators.