OUTCOME 5: Children are effective communicators



5.3  Express ideas and make meaning using a range of media

  • Explores representation of language, e.g. scribbles, shapes, pictures, letter-like symbols, letters, writing high-frequency words such as their own name.
  • Experiments with representing texts in a variety of ways, e.g. oral retelling, role-play writing, imaginative play, drawing, drawn or written letter.
  • Contributes to texts produced in collaborative or modelled writing context
  • Explores use of literature language in oral texts and shared writing experiences, e.g. traditional story starters, “rich” descriptions
  • Shares what they have written or created with another person
  • Can write own first name using correct letter formation and capitalisation
  • Role plays writing as part of play
  • Initiates drawing or writing to communicate an idea
  • Responds to a range of stimuli e.g. Music/artworks
  • Experiments with ways of expressing ideas and meaning using a range of media
  • Engages in dramatic play
  • Engages in music-making
  • Uses resources and materials creatively
  • Expresses and explores own ideas through 2 and 3 dimensional forms
  • Creates simple representations of events, people, objects and feelings