Lion Paper Plate Mask

Lion Mask Paper Plate Craft

This art and craft activity if perfect for the week you do on Zoos! For the Animal Program art and craft  I keep things simple! By being organised you can keep the cost down and the time in managing supplies and thing of ideas down to a minimum! Organise one art and craft box for 10 weeks and always have a simple activity to complete each week along with what you are learning in Starskills!

Making the most of learning when you introduce your Art & Craft Activity

The Animal Early Learning Program is the first in the series. Each week there is a theme for the week. You can watch the early learning video online, read the suggested library book and focus on the number for the week. The art and craft activity can be done at a time when you need an activity to do at home or you can include this as a transitional activity after the weekly early learning video.

The benefit of following an art and craft activity after the early learning video is it keeps communication open and provides a fun transition – provided is is done with your child. This is an opportunity to ask your child to recall what they saw (memory skills), reinforce facts (colour, number, animals, sounds), clap your words (phonological awareness), talk about characteristics of animals what they do /eat/shelter etc…. (general knowledge). Ask great questions what animal has a mane etc….


Starskills Session Ideas

  • For your smooth transition organise one art and craft box for the Animal Early Learning Program.(see below what you can add to it)
  • Make sure you set up the activity before you start your learning session.
  • Watch the early learning video
  • Go to art and craft activity and complete it
  • Be creative then move onto PLAY PLAY PLAY!

Organize your Animal Art & Craft Box for the 10 weeks

  • paper / plastic plates
  • google eyes or marker to draw them
  • paint (red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, brown, green)
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Feel free to add glitter, buttons, materials – be creative 🙂
  • Send me your pics below and let me add them to the page for other members!

Go wild Starskillers and get featured on this page! We would love to add your art work below! So send Ruthie your pics of your LION – ROAR!!!