How to Develop Confident Kids

8 FOOD WORDS 8We all desire to have confident kids. Kids that hold their heads up high and that show resilience. Kids that are confident in new situations. Are kids just born this way or are there things we can do as educators and parents to help our children in this? I have been working with children for 20 years from Kids clubs to developing Starskills – I really love kids and I want them to shine! One thing I know with this experience is your words matter! Your words will create your child’s environment. Is your child’s environment peaceful, encouraging and nurturing or are there a few things you would like to see change?

I want to encourage you – parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences on earth and also the most challenging. I hope something I write can encourage you where you are at today so you can see your children become more confident.


Speak Words of Life

Your words have the power to shape the destiny of the children in your care. Even as an adult you remember words from your childhood that have either motivated or discouraged. The words you speak will cause life or death in the heart of a child. Encouraging words that propell your child into a future where anything is possible.

Create an environment where is is okay to try new things

Children need to have opportunities to try things and not succeed. An environment that encourages risk taking, creativity, innovation, play, mess…… an environment that is quick to praise effort over achievement. Allowing kids to feel free to experiment and see what happens. An environment where it is ok to stand out. Exposing our kids to situations that are new is important. Maybe trying a new sport or mixing with different kids. These experiences when encouraged show our kids yes they can do new things even though they may feel uncomfortable they can overcome.

Affirmations over Your Children

This is in keeping with the words you speak over your children. One thing I have always done from when my children were very young was speak over them who you want the to be. To my one year old – “What a wonderful reader you are..” to my toddlers ” What a peaceful nature you have”. Children can become who you say they are. be careful what you say. Be deliberate in speaking the GOAL over your children. Even if they are not where you want them to be. Begin to tell them who you want and desire them to be.

Here are Four things My Husband Has Been Saying to Our Kids

Involve God in Your Parenting

God created your children and knows their special gifts, talents and abilities. Ask Him to help you when you don’t know what to do. Ask Him to show you how to CONNECT with your child. Ask Him to show you how you can best love your child. Ask Him to show you how your child will best receive love. Simply ask Him and he will begin to help you.

Be encouraged today! We can help our kids become confident when we create a home with words of life and fear from failure!

Feel free to share what you do to help your children become confident…