EYLF Templates

EYLF OutcomesUsing the EYLF for your programs is a very personal journey! It is personal BUT it can also be very vague, consuming and overwhelming for those just starting but even for those who have been teaching for years like myself! When I started using the EYLF I had not been teaching for quite a while! Anyone remember domains and the Curriculum Framework!!

I just wanted someone to show me what to do and the advice I got was “it’s only a framework”. That didn’t help much. It was only when I really studied what each element was and why it was import and that I slowly started to get it. Truly understanding each Principle, Practice and Outcome.

As I used what I had learned my teaching has been a pleasure and the EYLF has not been burdensome. The more I have learned about the EYLF the more I have seen that my experience with the “old way” of teaching can actually be of benefit! We don’t have to throw out our experience but we can use it to make amazing early childhood programs!

Often you wonder if you are doing it correctly because there is so much information and differentiation when you look around.

As an early childhood educator and over the years I find myself changing how I program and the EYLF templates I use change too! You need to work out what works for you and your particular setting. But…. this can bring confusion and not necessarily clarity to you!

I love that the framework allows for this and is not rigid. You are free to experiment and grow as a teacher in turn! Below is just a sample of the types of programming EYLF template forms you can design – the direction you could go when programming with these EYLF templates.

EYLF Daily Program Template

The EYLF allows you to plan on observations and take the children from what they are interested in. It requires active listening from the you. Observing play and conversations is the basis of your planning. This template allows you to jot down what you observe then write down teacher initiated and child initiated activities. You can brainstorm small group activities, who you will monitor and asses, how you will transition students throughout the day, brainstorm real life engagement and play. There is a large column for reflection and future planning as well as notes for your assistant.

ELYF Weekly Learning Overview Template

This template keeps the principles of the EYLF at the heart of your week. You can tick when children are engaged in these principles. A tick with the activity would be suffice and offers a great overall look at what is happening each week. You can plan future weeks accordingly especially of one outcome is not being attended to.

EYLF Outcomes

Make sure you have also downloaded my colourful EYLF Outcomes for your Program file. The EYLF outcomes are broken into 5 main areas – identity, connectedness and contribution, well being, confident and involved learners and finally communicators. As educators these keywords drive practice and the implementation of quality early childhood programs.

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