EYLF Christmas Curriculum Plan

I am soooo excited to launch my style of EYLF Curriculum Plans! My EYLF Curriculum Plans are designed to help you in your classroom. The EYLF Christmas Curriculum Plan is editable so you can print it off and start your planning or you can type up something fresh.

The EYLF is a wonderful way to program. Wonderful because things are always fresh and exciting for the children. This can also be somewhat daunting as there are always limited budgets, time, resources and it is not always easy to just “whip” things together  – speaking from experience! My  plans are meant for a 1-2 week block –  depending on the interest from the children.

Simply add your own ideas and what you are focusing on with your group of children. Each Curriculum Plan comes with a Learning Pack of printables as well as resources you can add to your file! Each plan also comes with a powerpoint you can show children or use on a display table. Whipping something together just got a whole lot easier!


So, the EYLF Christmas Plan includes the following-:

  • EYLF editable Christmas Curriculum Plan that is A3 or A4 depending on what works. 
  • EYLF Resources including recipes, songs and books that are a perfect match for this plan
  • EYLF Learning Pack – fantastic printable games to make, laminate and get playing!
  • Christmas Powerpoint that would be wonderful to have as a learning centre or on a classroom display table
  • Christmas Reading Cards for the children to sequence, take home or for you to use on a display
  • Christmas Take Home Vocabulary Card – Christmas Words for the children to take home
  • Christmas Dramatic Play & Center Signs


Write Santa A Letter

Set up a writing table with cards and paper and a post office box. I use an old bed side table that I have covered in material. Children will write their letters and as they love thinking about presents this will be their motivation to write!


Decorate a Christmas Tree

Children can decorate using supplies you provide or they can be designers and make decorations and then place them on the tree! Let the children be creative and have a choice. Take pictures of their designs.


Retell and Act out the Nativity Story

Children will dress up as the Bible characters and retell the story. Add hay bails and pretend ponies and animals, baby and a manger (baby bath). This will be so cute to watch!


Little Elves Working Station

This is a woodworking station. My children loved just hammering tacks into wood. I will see where they want to go with this as the term progresses. You could turn it into a gift wrapping station for variety. Excited to see where this station goes!


Christmas Tree

My all time favourite tree! A natural branch I picked up in the bush. I have just tied ribbons on it for now. I can add beautiful decorations as the children design them.  LOVE IT!