Developmental Milestones 6-7 Year Olds

Your six year old is forming his mature personality and has a tendency to want to always be right.  They want to have a sense of competence and it is important that at their attempts, the parent coaches and motivates them to complete the project at hand.


What 6-7 Year Olds Can Do

Since six year olds are more adult-like in their social and physical behavior, they can be relied on for helping out in household duties such as answering the phone, feeding the family pet, basic housekeeping of their own place and managing their own needs.  The more they get involved at home, the better their disposition will be for handling routine, and teamwork or leadership duties at school.

Likes & Dislikes of 6-7 Year Olds

Kids are enthusiastic about specific things at this age and chances are they will find that as a common topic to bond with other children.

  • May enjoy being with their peers more although still prefer children of the same gender.
  • Enjoys collecting things.
  • Enjoys talking about current events – important parents lead in these discussions so children understand events they they hear about in the news.

Speech & Language Development of 6-7 Year Olds

At this age, 6 year olds enjoy reading independently and would have specific selections in mind. It is important for you to continue to be involved in their preferences and guide them in processing their reading to develop their social and moral development.  Try to do this when you watch movies together as well.

Cognitive Development of 6-7 Year Olds

Kids at this age have the ability to understand more complex situations; however, they will tend to still see things as completely “wrong” or “right”; there are no gray areas.  It is important that parents and members of the household model the right behavior to avoid confusion.  They also:

  • Enjoy planning and building.
  • Start to understand the value of money.
  • Have an increased problem-solving ability.
  • Have a longer attention span.
  • Can begin to understand time and the days of the week.


Physical Development of 6-7 Year Olds

6 year olds relish art.  It is also an important social and language tool for them to express their feelings as well as their thoughts to significant people.  Not all letters or drawings that they create are literal and you can begin to see their thought process becoming more symbolic in their drawings and letters.

  • Developed fine motor skills such as in writing, designing, and tying things, especially shoelaces.
  • Enjoys constructing things especially arts and crafts.
  • Can start to manipulate scissors and small tools.
  • Enjoys testing muscle strength and skills.
  • Has a good sense of balance.
  • Can catch small balls.


Social & Emotional Development of 6-7 Year Olds

Being at school allows children this age to form attachments to friends outside the family. They also tend to develop their identity as they discover their competence and strengths in school performance.  It is important to develop a strong work ethic in school and remind them to be persevering rather than being focused on medals and recognition.

  • Starts to have a best friend and the concept of the opposite sex as “not cool”.
  • Has a strong desire to do things well.
  • Starts to empathize with other children’s feelings.
  • Still learning how to accept criticism.
  • Has a ‘black and white’ view of things.
  • Enjoys caring for and playing with younger children.
  • May have trouble getting along with some children.