Daily Planner

As educators we have to think of the BIG picture and where we are going. We can only really truly do this once we know the children and their backgrounds. We can then assess weekly what we will do and what we will need to focus on.

My overall planning I will use the EYLF Planner but then we need to get down to being organised for the day. My Daily Planner is the best format I have used. It is flexible and editable.

You can edit your Daily Planner and stay organised. This is the document I use to write down what needs to be organised, cleaned, set up etc… I love this planner as it is too the point and not detailed. It gives a great run down of the day.


I hope this gets you started. I have all my EYLF resources, Curriculum Plans and much more over at my EYLF Resources site. Sign up for a free login and access plenty of great goodies!