Clean Up Song

Cleaning Up and packing away is what may seem as a never ending scenario multiple times of day! I find with our little babies, toddlers and preschoolers that packing and cleaning up is always easier when you turn it into a game and you SING!!! When there is a song it will lighten the mood and when you are feeling overwhelmed it will begin to teach your kids what they need to be doing as soon as you start the song! Enjoy it!

Clean up Song Lyrics

The words to my song are super simple! I love this song as my two little ones are singing it! It is just so special and absolutely timeless!

It’s time to pack away

No time to waste today

It’s time to pack away

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Clean Up Games

Vaccuum Cleaner Clean up Game

– Start the song and get children to “vacuum the floor”. When the music stops they will need to come back to the mat and get “recharged”. Kids LOVE this! It also gives you an opportunity to show the kids what mess you would like cleared and when the music starts they kids are off and focused!

Clean Up Tubs

– Give each child a tub or box and they need to fill it up as quickly as possible with their things. If you are in a rush this is a great idea. You can quickly tidy up then sort later!

Clean Up Timer Game

– Start a timer for 20 seconds and kids have to tidy as many things as they can in that time. See how many rounds it takes and write it down. Compete with the clock each time you are going to clean up! Get a family or class personal best.