Christmas Play Day

I am feeling very sentimental today. I had our final Christmas Parents Play Day where I invite parents to come and be part of their child’s Kindy world. These play days have built a lovely sense of community among the parents and it is very touching to see all the children enjoy this time together.

Thank You Board

The classroom was prepared visually with my Thank You board, Christmas Bags and the children’s work. It was the perfect back drop to thank the parents and children. Each child drew a portrait of them self and it was wonderful to remember how far they have come.


Christmas Bag & Present

Throughout the term Kindy created lovely Christmas decorations and memories . Parents got to have a look at all the beautiful things this morning. They were so appreciative of the thought. Inside a little present was also wrapped to thank the students for all their hard work through out the year.


Portfolio, Learning Journey and Art and Craft Book

Parents had time to look through their child’s work. A benefit of today was getting parents to take home all these creations and their child’s work. It saves the mad dash at the end of term. The day helps to slow parents down to look at their child’s work and appreciate it. Last day of term and all the different items is just too chaotic for me! I love the face we really appreciated the children’s effort. Again, beautiful to hearthe children talking about their work.


Christmas Play Day

We had a craft activity making an elfs hat, colouring in and a simple candy cane collage. Parents could also go outside and pull a cracker and have a Christmas mince pie. The morning flowed beautifully, the children played and were appreciated.


As the end of year approaches I am so pleased with the work of the children reflected in their Portfolios and work folders. Hearing them sing our Kindy songs for a final time and reminiscing about the wonderful fun we have had. A special day and a tradition I am looking forward to introducing every year.