Sensory Play

What is Sensory Play? Sensory Play or Messy Play is play that allows children to be fully engaged with their senses. Children use their 5 senses to discover and explore when involved with sensory play. Their sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. By providing opportunities for sensory play children have the opportunity to not only develop their senses but they also develop holistically. Children will develop their […]

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Balloon Play

Today was so much fun! I suprised the children by hanging balloons all over the classroom. When they walked in they were so excited. I told them that for the first session we were going to be scientists and just observe. We saw the balloons sway a little and spoke about it. We observed some […]

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Play Dough

Play dough – one of the best activities you can have on hand for your young preschooler!  I have a fail proof recipe that will keep well in the fridge for at least a month or two! A few tips when using it though. Always play with play dough on tiles or outside. If you […]

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Rainbow Rice

Rainbow Rice is an inexpensive and fun addition to your sensory play. You can add funnels to the tray with cups and spoons, add it to plain uncoloured play dough. It is easy to make so here is how to do it. How to Make Coloured Rice You will need -: 1 cup long grain […]

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Dinosaur Sensory Play

Forget about Disney on Ice this week we really enjoyed playing with Dinosaurs in Ice! This was a multi faceted sensory experience whereby the children did ice paintings as well as play with the dinosaurs! Materials for Dinosaur Sensory Play dinosaurs pom poms popsticks food colouring add interest by adding glitter to frozen dinosaurs You […]

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