What is Starskills?

  Starskills provides resources and training for educators of 0-8 year olds. There are many resources that are available so please have a look and get inspired! If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me. Ruthie Starskills is a weekly early learning program you can do with your 18 months […]

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How to Teach Using Starskills

Teaching your little one does not have to be kept a mystery! You certainly don’t have to be a teacher you just need passion to want to learn how to teach! Starskills is designed to be simple and to build each week. It has been the best Program to help teach playgroups, Kindy class and […]

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Welcome to Starskills for Playgroups

Welcome to Starskills Starskills began as an idea over ten years ago in the mind of Perth based Mum and Early Childhood Educator Ruthie Chant. Concerned at what she was seeing in children entering Kindy and Pre-Primary, she found herself thinking “What if I could help children get ready for school by teaching them what […]

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Why Copy Work?

Children who are struggling with foundational literacy skills will most often than not need to go right back to the basics of language. “Copy work” is a tested method of helping students to focus on elements of language. Another term used for Copy Work is Transcription. Copy work involves students being presented with portions of […]

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