Benefits of Being A Starskills Club Member

Starskills Early Learning Resources are designed to inspire play and learning in the lives of 0-8 year olds. Starskills has resources to help educators implement the EYLF in your setting. From long term day cares, play groups, home day cares, pre Kindy, Kindergartens and school settings Starskills will help educators to plan and implement quality early childhood programs.

Starskills Club Members get access to all Starskills Educator Resources Including – :

  • EYLF Resources – Educator’s Implementation & Planning Resources
  • Curriculum Plans to help you plan for children’s interests
  • Dramatic Play Resources to help you design fun and inspiring play spaces
  • Starskills 40 Weeks early learning program that contains weekly videos and resources for 40 weeks!
  • Over 40 – Online Early Learning Videos
  • Starskills 40 Weeks EYLF Portfolio
  • Literacy Resources
  • Numeracy Resources
  • Resources to help you organise your room
  • Songs for Kids to help with transitions and learning concepts

What exactly do you get when you become a Starskills Club Premium Member?

When you become a Starskills Club Premium Member you will get access to all of the Starskills Club resources. This includes my 40 Weeks Early Learning Program, EYLF 40 Weeks Portfolio, Curriculum Plans, Play, Literacy & Numeracy Resources, Resources to help you get organised and songs! There is so much to include so please keep reading as I explain what you get as a Starskills Club Premium Member.

 EYLF Resources – Educator & Administrator Implementation & Planning Resources

Educators and administrators will love the EYF resources that are accessible within the Premium Starskills Club. There is an EYLF Planner, Portfolio, Cards, Posters and more to download for your early learning setting. Helping teams to reflect on the EYLF and then having resources on hand to use are allow for ease of implementation and inspires educator’s to implement the EYLF as they feel more confident.

 Starskills 40 Weeks Early Learning Program

The Starskills 40 Weeks Program is designed for children aged 0-5. It is a weekly program that provides a literacy and numeracy introduction and focus. Children develop vocabulary, count and clap words. It is a visually based program with educators being able to login to the 40 weekly early learning video, collect weekly learning cards. Parents are kept involved with “Homework Cards” each week this is great for parents who desire to be in touch with what is happening with their children each week. They love collecting the cards and feeling apart of their child’s learning. The take home cards are perfect to partner greatly with parents within your community. Mums have commented how they love getting the card as it show them things they can practice at home. The library book suggestions also help parents and caregivers to focus on their child’s love for reading.

The program is perfect for playgroups, daycares, 3 plus programs, and anyone with a desire to teach the babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindy children in their life. The simplicity of the program provides a simple framework but is flexible enough to add your own touch to and tie into teaching regarding the EYLF.


 Being a family day care educator I find your resources fitting for intentional teaching and your planner and portfolio templates are ideal as they are digital files allowing me to add in reflection learning stories, photos all with little editing that are then saved digital for each child portfolio. You are amazing at what you have created, keep up the great work of supplying such wonderful templates, posters and resources for our fabulous childcare educators. Melanie Lees –  Playful Tots Family Day Care Educator

♥ Wow! This is an absolute treasure trove of amazing resources. When the I was offered the opportunity to join the premium membership I jumped at the chance. I can’t wait to implement more Starskills resources into my Kindergarten classroom and use the planners and other resources in my transition to school program. The students find the activities engaging and love the visuals that accompany the resources. Ruthie has been so helpful with all my questions both through the website and the TPT store-all my queries have been answered quickly and effectively. Looking forward to the year ahead of membership, and hopefully many more after that. Thank you so much for this fantastic offer.                                          Bronwyn Bishop – Kindergarten Teacher

♥ I have now purchased my membership and I am very excited to start using it in my Early Learning setting, everything is digital which fits in with how I program and document, it is all very easy to understand and use ….and is super cute!! My children love the cute pictures and fun work sheets (definitely doesn’t feel like “work”). You have responded to all of my questions and helped myself and other educators purchase together. Thank You for an outstanding package.  Crystal Dredge – Day Care Operator

♥ I would like to thank you Ruthie! What wonderful, inspiring  resources you have provided.  I have just returned to Family Day Care and I am so excited to be able to go full steam ahead with your help.  I can now easily implement,  understand  and link EYLF with my own practices and  learning environment , thanks to your resources and training course.You have saved me so much time, that I can now allow for the children.  The play ideas, curriculum plans, cards, printable and songs are a welcome addition. Much appreciated! Abigail Brown – Learning Through Play Family Day Care