Beginning Sight Words

Beginning Sight Words has been designed as a Take Home Program that teachers can send home with each student in the class. There are 83 Take Home Cards that can be printed on card or printed as photos.

Included in the Beginning Sight Words Program is a Take Home Sight Word Cover that can be laminated. You can attach the Starskills Tracking Sheets within and record and monitor each student’s progress.

At the back of the Folder is a fun sticker chart. Each time a student completes a card you can place a sticker or stamp on a circle. There is also a fun certificate that can celebrate when a student knows 100 Sight Words!


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Included in the Starskills Beginning Sight Words

  • 83 Sight Word Cards
  • 315 Sight Word Work Sheets
  • Starskills Beginning Sight Words Take Home Cover
  • Tracking Sheets
  • You Know 100 Words Certificate