Animal Early Learning Reading Cards

Starskills Animal Early Learning Reading Cards

Each week you will receive the weekly Animal Reading Card. I would encourage you to collect them in an album of make a scrapbook. You will need some sticker dots. The collection of these cards become a basis for reading and concepts of print. Concepts of print are essential characteristics to develop in future readers. Daily practice of reading cards as outlined below helps to provide weekly practice and focus each week. It is important to only give one card out per week. Short, sharp, focused and frequent sessions are what it is about!

Starskills Animal Early Learning Reading Cards

  1. Collect your weekly cards in an album or scrapbook.
  2. Encourage your child to point to each word and read the card.
  3. You can place your child’s finger on each word to begin with.
  4. Count the dots
  5. Always praise your child for reading well. (Positive confessions over your child are very important)



Available at EYLF Resources website