Starskills Early Learning for Baby, Toddler, Pre Schoolers and Kindy

Welcome to Starskills! I am so pleased you are here! Thanks so much for stopping by.

I have been dreaming about Starskills for the last decade! Whilst working as an early childhood educator full time in Year One I constantly dreamed of innovative and effective ways to teach early learners! I have been a literacy support teacher for Primary to High School students where I have seen the difficulties students face when the proper foundation is not provided during the early years. I am currently a Kindy (Pre Kinder) teacher which I am so blessed to be able to be!

I left teaching to become a full time stay at home Mum! Throughout my time as a Mum I have developed Starskills. Learning through play, music, multimedia are all my passions. Starskills incorporates all my loves! Starskills empowers educators and parents to make the most of the early years! Babies, toddlers and preschoolers can all learn. Starskills is about empowering educators and parents to believe the early years being the most critical in their child’s development! Starskills provides creative eylf resources for educators.

Being a Mum is the best and most rewarding experience I have had but it has helped me to see how young children can learn in the early years. Starskills helps children to learn everyday of every week and helps parents to know what they can do with their children to grow through and start their children on a road to success.

Not only can Mums use Starskills at home but we now have  Playgroups and Kindy running the Starskills 40 Weeks Program each week! Mums who are are also passionate about their kids learning are coming together each week. Parents work together with their child as a team to complete the set activities each week. Playgroups  are a wonderful environment to connect with other parents and see your kids play, grown and learn! Not only is the weeky catch up – you also get weekly educational activities and play ideas to focus on at home.

My passion is to help teachers by providing creative resources for them and in doing so reiterate  that the early years matter greatly! They are significant in preparing your child for life.

Starskills has been a dream over a decade in the making! Starskills stands for : Supporting Teaching And Reaching Star Kids Instilling Lifelong Skills! This is my life goal! I want to help parents and leaders in our community know that our kids matter greatly!

I feel so privileged that you would take the time to be here! Thanks so much.