About Starskills


Hi, Im’ Ruthie and I created Starskills to help you to feel less stressed and more organised! I know what it is like to teach & manage a family!

I have experience in day care , play groups, and creche settings. I have been involved with educating babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children for 20 years. 

The best experience is first hand with my own kids. I have the amazing privilege of being a Mum to 2 children who are 11 & 12 years old and I am a NEW mum to a baby boy. He is an absolute miracle and surpise! I feel incredibly blessed to have him. 

I created Starskills to encourage you and to give you some great resources at your fingertips to help you feel more organised and less stressed. Since starting Starskills I have helped hundreds of teachers to get organised & cut their paperwork – and planning at home!  I want you to spend more time enjoying educating little ones and enjoy your family  – being present with them in the moment!

Family is incredibly important and having my older two has made me realise that they are the most important and most precious gifts to me. Teaching can at times take the joy out of family. I want this to change for you TODAY. 


Are you looking to EYLF Resources, templates, documentation and knowledge to understand the EYLF? 

Do you find the joy of teaching has left you because of all the paperwork?

Do you have questions or feel overwhelmed……

Maybe you are just getting back into educating or you lead a team

  • “Where do I get easy to use EYLF Resources, Templates and help?”
  • “How do I get my head around the Early Years Learning Framework?”
  • “How do I cut the time I spend documenting and planning so I can actually spend more time with the children?”
  • “Where do I start – I have no idea with the EYLF and am finding this whole journey overwhelming!?”
  • “How do I link my program to the EYLF?”
  • “How do I get the right information that is not conflicting and confusing? Everyone is doing it differently”
  • “How do I get my staff enthusiastic about the EYLF?”
  • “How do I do everything – portfolios, observations and programming?”
  • “How do I present the EYLF in a professional way that is easy for the parents to view and understand?”

It’s ok to not have the answers to all these questions

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Teaching is a journey of growing and learning everyday. Taking a step closer everyday is the key….

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