About Starskills


Starskills aims to help Early Learning Professionals feel less stressed and more organised

Hi, I’m Ruthie and Im an Early Childhood Educator & Creator of Starskills.

Since starting Starskills I have helped hundreds of teachers to get organised, feel less stressed & cut their paperwork at home!   

I have 2 wonderful children and I want to spend as much time in their lives being present and available when I am at home.

I am a trained Early Childhood Educator with a Bachelor of Education specialising in Early Education.

I have experience in day care , play groups, and creche settings. I have been involved with educating babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children for 15 years.

I have taught Kindergarten, Pre Primary & Year One. Over my time teaching I have also loved mentoring young passionate student teachers.

Starskills Provides – :

  • Quality Early Education resources for educators of 0-8 year olds
  • Administration support for documenting the EYLF
  • Templates and support documentation for programming
  • EYLF EXPLAINED video series that goes through each Principle & Practice and How to plan using the EYLF Learning Outcomes
  • Starskills 40 Weeks


Are you looking to EYLF Resources, templates, documentation and knowledge to understand the EYLF? 

Do you find the joy of teaching has left you because of all the paperwork?

Do you have questions or feel overwhelmed……

Maybe you are just getting back into educating or you lead a team

  • “Where do I get easy to use EYLF Resources, Templates and help?”
  • “How do I get my head around the Early Years Learning Framework?”
  • “How do I cut the time I spend documenting and planning so I can actually spend more time with the children?”
  • “Where do I start – I have no idea with the EYLF and am finding this whole journey overwhelming!?”
  • “How do I link my program to the EYLF?”
  • “How do I get the right information that is not conflicting and confusing? Everyone is doing it differently”
  • “How do I get my staff enthusiastic about the EYLF?”
  • “How do I do everything – portfolios, observations and programming?”
  • “How do I present the EYLF in a professional way that is easy for the parents to view and understand?”

It’s ok to not have the answers to all these questions. 


How I Can Help You?

Teaching is a journey of growing and learning everyday. Taking a step closer everyday is the key…. Start by getting my Starter Guide. See what the Premium Member gets and work out if this is right for you. I’ll still send emails and free resources to help you as an Early Learning Professional.


Firstly Sign Up for my Free EYLF RESOURCES & EYLF Starter Guide

Here’s what you will find as a Premium Member

I am here to help you succeed and enjoy your teaching journey. Here are the kind of things you will find:

EYLF Explained Video Course : 14 videos to watch in the comfort of your own home. Each Practice and Principle explained with practical how to examples. Learn how to use the EYLF Learning Outcomes.

Starskills 40 Weeks :  Program I designed to teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers, ESL children in the community.

EYLF Administration Documentation : Templates for programming, Learning Stories, Portfolios, Curriculum Plans ……

Early Education Resources for your Room : Spend less time documenting and more time with the children will all my early learning resources



What People are Saying about Ruthie

Melanie Lees

Melanie Lees

Day Care Operator / Playful Tots Family Day Care

Being a family day care educator I find your resources fitting for intentional teaching and your planner and portfolio templates are ideal as they are digital files allowing me to add in reflection learning stories, photos all with little editing that are then saved digital for each child portfolio. You are amazing at what you have created, keep up the great work of supplying such wonderful templates, posters and resources for our fabulous childcare educators

Bronwyn Bishop

Bronwyn Bishop

Kindergarten Teacher

Wow! This is an absolute treasure trove of amazing resources. When the I was offered the opportunity to join the premium membership I jumped at the chance. I can’t wait to implement more Starskills resources into my Kindergarten classroom and use the planners and other resources in my transition to school program. The students find the activities engaging and love the visuals that accompany the resources. Ruthie has been so helpful with all my questions both through the website and the TPT store-all my queries have been answered quickly and effectively. Looking forward to the year ahead of membership, and hopefully many more after that. Thank you so much for this fantastic offer.

Crystal Dredge

Crystal Dredge

Family Day Care Operator

I am very excited to start using it in my Early Learning setting, everything is digital which fits in with how I program and document, it is all very easy to understand and use ….and is super cute!! My children love the cute pictures and fun work sheets (definitely doesn’t feel like “work”). You have responded to all of my questions and helped myself and other educators purchase together. Thank You for an outstanding package.

Abigail Brown

Abigail Brown

Daycare Operator / Learning Through Play Daycare

I would like to thank you Ruthie! What wonderful, inspiring resources you have provided. I have just returned to Family Day Care and I am so excited to be able to go full steam ahead with your help. I can now easily implement, understand and link EYLF with my own practices and learning environment , thanks to your resources and training course.You have saved me so much time, that I can now allow for the children. The play ideas, curriculum plans, cards, printable and songs are a welcome addition. Much appreciated!

Sonika Bright

Sonika Bright

Relief Teacher

The EYLF training course has helped me to understand the EYLF more as I get back into teaching after being a stay at home Mum. I feel more confident getting back into teaching! More importantly given me lots of practical ideas for each Principle, Practice and Outcome. All the resources and templates save me thousands of hours! This is a tremendous help for me as I work and it means less hours on paperwork and more hours playing and interacting with the children.

Amanda Hoffensetz

Amanda Hoffensetz

Kindergarten Teacher / Lake Joondalup Baptist College

Starskills is a quality resource that allows me more time with my students and less time on my computer. Thank you Ruth for creating such an extensive resource! I would recommend Starskills to any early childhood educator.

Carol Harris

Carol Harris

Dean of Primary / Lake Joodalup Baptist College

We are thrilled to have the Starskills quality EYLF resources to help our Early Years team! Ruth has created an amazingly affordable package that I would thoroughly recommend to educators and parents!

Yvonne Neille

Yvonne Neille

Early Childhood Teacher

As an Early Childhood teacher I found I was spending so much time creating resources for my kindy room. The EYLF resources has helped saved me time and helped me in establishing my kindy room. The programs and resources that Ruthie provide in the premium bundle are fantastic and I will continue to use them throughout the year in my teaching, planning, assessment and overall organisation. Thank you Ruthie!

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